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Pocono Mountain Observatory

The Pocono Mountain Observatory is a privately owned facility             
           located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains PA.


Sat. 1/20 All day Martin Luther King Day
Wed. 1/24 All day First quarter
All day Voyager 2 flies past Uranus, 1986
Thu. 1/25 All day Mars rover Opportunity lands on Mars, 2004
Sat. 1/27 All day Apollo 1 crew killed by fire, 1967.


Sun. 1/28 All day Space Shuttle Challenger explodes, killing crew, 1986


All day Johannes Hevelius born 1611
Wed. 1/31 All day Blue moon
All day Explorer 1 Launched, First USA orbiting spacecraft 1958
Thu. 2/1 All day Space Shuttle Columbia, Disintegrates on Re-enrty 2003
Fri. 2/2 All day Groundhog Day
Sat. 2/3 All day Luna 9, first craft to land on the Moon, 1966
Sun. 2/4 All day Clyde Tombaugh born, 1906.
Wed. 2/7 All day Last quarter
All day Bruce McCandless, first untethered space walk, 1984
Mon. 2/12 All day Lincoln's Birthday
Wed. 2/14 All day Valentines Day
Thu. 2/15 All day New moon
All day Asteroid 2012 DA14, 50 meters wide, close flyby 17,500 Miles 2/15/13
All day 2013 Russian meteor event


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